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Notices on this Page:

Stock Shortages of Army Kit

Last year, the Army notified Kit Shops not to purchase new stocks of Branch DEU rank insignia. The Army is looking at adopting the Canadian "Vimy Star" for DEU pips - neither the Mess Kit Pips nor the Crowns will change. At this time, we continue to await word on the status of these changes and will not be stocking pips until the Army has clarified its way ahead on pips. We continue to stock the DEU silver crowns as well as all Branch mess kit insignia.

We have also been informed that the Army may be making changes to the metal shoulder titles. Again, until this matter is clarified, we will not be ordering new stocks of these items. These items should be available in the Supply System should you require some in the interim.

The Army is also examining a new distribution model. Their decision on how to proceed with the future purchase and distribution of initial kit issues also requires clarification at this time. Thus, the Kit Shop is only able to make limited purchases of certain items at this time to prevent potential financial risks.

Until these matters are clarified, we will have only limited stocks of Army Intelligence accoutrements. Please be advised that we are working in close contact with the Army G2 staff to address many of the above issues.

Silver Split Rings

Following numerous requests, we have acquired split rings suitable for use with DEU buttons. These can be seen and ordered at the Uniform Products page.

Silver Mess Kit Button Chain

Following numerous requests, we have acquired silver chain suitable for use with Mess Kit buttons.These can be seen and ordered at the Mess Kit Products page.

New CMIA Coins

We have now received stocks of the new CMIA coins. Two versions exist: a version for Intelligence Branch Members and one for non-Intelligence Branch Members. Members with the old style coins can order replacement coins here at their own cost. Engraving is also available and must be ordered when you order your coins - otherwise the coins will be shipped blank.

Coins and engraving which can be ordered on our CMIA Products page.